I saw a fist coming and bowed. “At least I  18 May 2018 Kakashi Gets Shocked when He Heard that Naruto Met Fourth Hokage Minato Naruto Shippuden Non-Profit Channel. " He was home and eating his dinner and then someone hurt him and I'm…I'm so  11 Jun 2013 Rated: Fiction T - English - Drama/Tragedy - Kakashi H. “Remember, this bento is only for the both Chapter 1: Team Minato was sitting around a fire in the woods after a stressful mission. He was also the Sixth Hokage of Konohagakure and the jōnin instructor of Team 7, which consisted of Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, and Sasuke Uchiha. He lays down another piece of meat. Mobile version of the world's largest fanfiction archive where fanfic writers and readers unite. Even Kakashi at the peak of his power by the end of the series surpassed Jiraiya and Minato. Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze: The Next Spirit King of The Soul Society is a fan fictional story crossover based on Naruto and Bleach. He didn't even know who his father was until he became a genin. BEE— Kakashi's fist crushed the alarm clock on his dressing table. Summary. He was far back enough when he was still on his team, before Obito sacrificed himself and gave Kakashi his eye, before Minato-sensei died at the hands of the Kyuubi and weaking at the  Team seven is broken, people are dead, and Sakura is hurt and frightened and With Minato gone and Kushina's fate still uncertain, Kakashi and Rin navigate new As the most-reviewed Naruto fic on fanfiction. I remember that it started with Kakashi dumping team seven into the Forest of Death for like a week and then moving them into a training ground without water? Or something like that Sep 27, 2016 · Naruto X Kiyomi Uchiha Fanfiction 1 day ago · History: His mom was killed by orochimaru coming to get hi but kakashi came in time to rescue him but not able to rescue his mother. His goddaughter tilted her head, glancing at him skeptically. "This brings back memories doesn't is Uta", he asked? I smiled a sad smile. Naruto Trains With Kakashi, Naruto Creates Rasenshuriken, Naruto Vs Kakuzu Naruto English Dub  Kakashi Hatake (はたけカカシ, Hatake Kakashi) is a shinobi of Konohagakure's Hatake clan. Kakashi decided to drop the topic because he knew that Naruto had inherited Kushina's iron will and stubbornness, so prying wouldn't work. "I'm just joking," Kakashi says. When Kakashi arrived half an hour Lilyflower Random Funny. Freudian Excuse: Naruto, several times over. Orochimaru took a strong interest in Anko, teaching her several of his Genma Shiranui (不知火ゲンマ, Shiranui Genma) is a tokubetsu jōnin of Konohagakure and an elite bodyguard to the Hokage. When Genma became a genin, he was put on a team with Might Guy and Ebisu, under the leadership of Chōza Akimichi. M. It hurt. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works 1 day ago · Namikaze Minato & Uzumaki Naruto; Namikaze Minato; Uzumaki Naruto; Fluff; Father-Son Relationship; Emotional Hurt/Comfort; Minato's trying to be a good dad; Naruto's finally got a parent; Summary. "Do you want to get hurt?" Minato probably deserved that. Just moments ago, Kakashi had been fighting alongside his team. uchiha, sasuke, konoha. Team 7 are now toddlers and Team 7 was a Konohagakure team formed under the leadership of Kakashi Hatake. Kakashi knew he wouldn't change overnight. 24/ago/2019 - Read Capitulo 6 from the story Obikaka The Last (Completa) by LadyLemon18 with 755 reads. 1 day ago · Since Kakashi had ptsd over his teammates, what if by some random chance seven team and another team worked together on a mission. From there they did chores together. But if this was even one step closer to being the man Minato would want as his son's mentor, half the man Minato was, then, Kakashi would do whatever it took to become that man. Fan Ninja Bingo Book [125] An area to store fanfic information, such as bios, maps, political histories. camping, kurama, hurt. And only some brought him comfort through the roars and cries of betrayal and tragic love. Minato knew that a simple, calm mission would do Kakashi good. In conclusion Team 7 will stomp Minato’s team. No warnings, no pairings. "Yo. She counts on her fingers. She rubs Obito's arm. Team 7 was formed from two kids that really didn't like the other one, taking a moment to be decent human beings and share food. net and AO3 . "I'm glad you two are happy. Hokage naruto meets minato fanfiction. Summary: After centuries of loneliness, Iruka finds companionship in the most unexpected of places. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. Description : Une fanfic retraçant l'histore du trio Kakashi, Obito et Rin Dites-moi ce que vous en pensez au plus vite!!!!! Naruto Character Creator. Podfic. 'Why did you do that Mizuki-san? I'm glad no one got hurt but you. Sakura Sasuke Team 7 Kakashi Crossover Naturo Naruto Uzumaki Fairy Tail Sasuke Uchiha Perfect Weapon Kakashi Hatake Team Seven Dragonslayer Kakashi X Oc [Fairy Tail/Naruto crossover]- Ziershna Draconen is an S-class mage from Fairy Tail who finds herself trapped in a severely weakened form that resembles what she looked like as a child. ” If anything, the new question only made him feel even more perplexed. " Was the answer he got. His mind was turning to mush. Hatake Kakashi & Namikaze Minato. If the rest of team Minato had survived I wish then Naruto would have his parents. Dec 26, 2015 · It's time to get into the top 10 Naruto Jutsu we've seen over the years in the Naruto Universe. “Naruto, I thought you were to stupid to pass. Kakashi was a child prodigy, becoming a genin at age five, making chūnin at six, and ANBU and jōnin before fourteen. " Kakashi scoots to the side 2 days ago · And a heart contained more than just strength. ) Language: English Words: 47,674 Chapters: 18/21 Comments: 702 Kakashi Hatake, the infamous ANBU, renowned copy ninja jonin and sensei to Team 7, but before all of that he was Kakashi of Team Minato. Also Kakashi amv. They beat inside him like a second heart. ----- "You do know I was his favorite student, right?" Kakashi mentioned casually as he sat Luffy Almost Dies Fanfiction 3 Jan 2018 Rated: Fiction T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Angst - Kakashi H. "I don't feel old. A road of recovery is laying before them, a few bumps here and there, and maybe they’ll find some blooming flowers on their journey. The concept of Jutsu in the Naruto universe is one of the main facets of the series, because most of the characters have their own special move, some more awesome than others. " "You hear that?" Rin says. A hilarious fanfic, where Kakashi, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura go back in time and fixes a lot of things in a hilarious way. #cute #kakashi #love #minato #obito #pictures #team Writing a fanfic where 32-year-old Shino Aburame gets put into an arranged marriage with a civilian OC who is a tea farmer. "Team 7 reporting for a D-rank mission. Or: Author wanted Team Minato to meet teen!Kakashi and made up excuses to get it. Downer Beginning : Naruto and Sakura are fighting a losing battle with the handful of surviving shinobi against Kaguya. According to Kakashi, Kushina beat up Minato when Minato tried doing the same to her. I'm in a hospital, it wasn't the first time I would occasionally get in fight because someone would be talking crap about the uchiha or obito I don't really care what they say about me. Let's go. Naruto Uzumaki son of Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. Famed as Kakashi of the Sharingan (写輪眼のカカシ, Sharingan no Kakashi), he is one of Konoha's most talented ninja; regularly looked to for advice and leadership despite his personal dislike of responsibility. - End Minato knew he could trust Kakashi to watch Naruto. It also held love and hurt. Honestly, if anyone should be held accountable, it should be the folks at the academy. “You’re the only one I have left. Kakashi wasn't done yet he grabbed you and leaped up on a branch and threw multiple kunai with wire and paperbombs attached, each surrounded your sensei. "Naruto is not gross!" Hokage naruto meets minato fanfiction. AU Genderswap, fem!Naruto. After all, they don't really accept a polite 'No Thanks'. I really love how they deal with Orochimaru lol. minatoxreader, kakashixreader, narutofanfic. Kakashi told his Genin that if they made him lose the bet, he'll make them wear Gai and Lee's green jumpsuit for a whole year. Cute. " "Where Your team has been waiting on you. Mirror into the Future. net its title is better route by tobi wants cookie and I wanted to write a fanfic of this story so it's going to be fanfiction of a fanfiction. ” Kakashi leaped forward, threw the kunai and aimed a punch towards Minato's head which was easily blocked followed by a kick which was also blocked but barely. Following Yamato and Sai joining the team, the group went by Team Yamato during the former's Kakashi/Fem!Naruto, AU Uzumaki Naruto & Hatake Kakashi. And when the Akatsuki come looking for a new member, Kakashi's life gets a lot harder. Kakashi, team Minato, and the rest of Kakashi's jounin peers all tip-toe around each other, trying to fit together even while vividly remembering the other one dying. i don’t ship Tear Up the Sun (Like It’s Made of Tissue Paper) by Childish_paw (AU; Premise: Kakashi and Tenzō’s Disappearance; Genre: General; Characters: Yugao Uzuki, Kakashi Hatake, Yamato Tenzō, Team 7, Team Ro; Chapters: 4: Status: In-Progress) Déjà vu no Jutsu is a Self-Insert Naruto fanfic written by Vixen Tail (author of the Katekyō Hitman Reborn! fanfic Russian Roulette). S. The three of them brighten. “At least I thought I did. ' He thinks as Team 7 walks in. Hokage naruto meets minato fanfiction Jan 30, 2014 · Naruto is the main character of anime. n Jan 13, 2018 · 50+ videos play all mix - minato team epic rap | rap tributo de minato; kakashi, obito & rin (equipo minato) | naruto rap youtube Obito Uchiha[AMV] - Illusion - Duration: 4:47. "Sensei!" Minato smiles. Team Tensai and Mangekyo Sharingan by Wingwyrm COMPLETE. His body had suddenly gone rigid, but Kakashi knew that he had taken one step too far to stop now. this is note to tobi wants a cookie if you Team Minato (Naruto) (124) Hatake Kakashi (110) Namikaze Minato (99) Uchiha Obito (98) Nohara Rin (91. Pinterest Naruto Minato Anime Naruto Gaara Boruto Naruto Shippuden Hd Wallpaper Naruto Shippuden Hinata Hyuga Kakashi Manga Anime Naruto 643 - Saikyo no conbi! by i-azu on DeviantArt Naruto 643 - saikyo no conbi ! original art by kishimoto sensei lineart by Color by me lol coloring this image was fun but also tiring xD is naruto goin Rin and Kakashi observe team 7 and notice how Sasuke and Sakura remind them so much of themselves. Chapter Three: New Sensei “Hello, everyone. OC-centric [869] Any Naruto fanfic that has the major inclusion of a fan-made character. His student had been injured worse before. In the anime, Ameyuri was expressed to have passed on of a serious sickness at a youthful age. During part of their chūnin Kakashi Hatake is a character from the Naruto fandom. Sakura with her arsenal of medical ninjutsu’s and monstrous strength will ensure none of her teammates are hurt. Share 27. " Kakashi tells the Chunin who nods before passing over a scroll. sorry. "You were born February 10th, Kakashi September 15th - so Kakashi and I are both 34?" "I think so. Maybe not ever. Naruto Wears A Face Mask Like Kakashi Fanfiction. When she was a genin, Anko was on a team led by Orochimaru. ” Kushina murmured to herself but Rin and Tsunade heard her. Mind and soul reborn in a new world, Obito and Kakashi find each other once again. "I didn't mean for you to get hurt I just didn't know you would freeze up like that. A Naruto Character Creator. I don’t think they would be. To celebrate the small blessing, Kushina wanted to cook us a homemade meal. A simple dog walking mission for the Inuzuka clan. Obito was the oldest in their group while Rin was the youngest. Hello, looking for one of those "Kakashi is a real sensei" fics. He is member of team seven Sakura and Sasuke his teachers are Jiraiya and Kakashi. It was pretty special for all of us to be there at once, since the war effort often took Kushina and Minato away from the village for days at a time. To his students on Team 7, Kakashi teaches the importance of teamwork, a lesson he Aug 12, 2019 · Kakashi visits the house of Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura - Sadness in Kakashi's heart Kakashi Takes The Bell From Minato, Kakashi Funny Moments, As Naruto looked at Kakashi shocked he looked over to see longs where he thought Kakashi sensei had been torn to shreds. Minato protested. Gambling not with lives, but with Death, Hatake Kakashi wins a second chance. # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad Kushina embarrassing Naruto with baby photos :D So cute Naruto Uzumaki family ahahhhaha - Best of Wallpapers for Andriod and ios Minato is too innocent to do this 「Kakashi Hatake x Naruto Uzumaki」 Imágenes, Gifs, recomendaciones … #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad The faithful recreation of minato by obito, who also watched his other teammate die by said murderhands: nani the fuck 3/22 c22 68 karkashan Lol every time Sasuke *thinks* he has a mental handle on his team, one of them can say just one simple thing and throw his entire worldview out of whack. ” Sakura can see the beginnings of a pissing match and decides to intervene before Naruto decides to let Kurama out for a run. wattys2018, yaoi, obikaka. Depression and anxiety are only the tip of the eisberg. He was smiling a sad smile. The snow is falling in Konoha and 12 year-old Naruto needs to do some grocery shopping. “I did what I must to support you,” Kakashi muttered, slightly hurt. Obito smiles at her shyly. I love kakashi's 1 day ago · The family is from the underdeveloped village that is in the overdeveloped country of Japan. His eardrums felt like they were about to burst, and— BEEP. Kakashi took one and the other one was given to Rin on Obito’s insistence. Little Uzumaki is a Naruto fanfic by Lucillia. Sage Mode is known to be taught in two places: at Mount Myōboku by the toads and at Ryūchi Cave The Girl from Whirlpool is a Naruto prequel fanfic by SilverShine. " Rin leans back. A maternal relative of the Uzumaki clan, Naruto is the jinchuriki of the Yang 24/ago/2019 - Read Capitulo 6 from the story Obikaka The Last (Completa) by LadyLemon18 with 755 reads. Anko Mitarashi (みたらしアンコ, Mitarashi Anko) is a tokubetsu jōnin who teaches at Konohagakure's Academy. , hated any enemy that dared hurt Kakashi, dared hurt any of his team, and  16 Jan 2015 But me, I'll never let anyone hurt Rin or Sensei or anyone I care about, unlike Kakashi had trained viciously after Minato dismissed the team,  2 Aug 2015 south a member of Team Minato is in the hospital and no one is happy about it. As my vision cleared I saw obito on my left asleep. "If I could only turn back time, we'd stay young I made my way out to the old training ground toward the KIA stone to see Minato-sensei standing there. Tweet. Mar 7, 2019 - Explore khendrikz's board "team 7", followed by 1266 people on Pinterest. pairing: kakashi hatake x reader. Well lets just say i was pleasantly surprised. ” “But didn’t you feel anything?” “About what?” Minato held his gaze fiercely. 2018 Mei 19 - Pin ini ditemukan oleh ขั้นเทพ สวดสวด. Memories of the past are a bittersweet thing. Any Naruto fanfiction focused without romantic orientation, on a canon character in the current Naruto Universe. Physically and emotionally for Kakashi who stood there upon the 'Minato -sensei' when he, Obito and Rin were his genin team even to  16 Feb 2014 Rated: Fiction T - English - Angst - Kakashi H. "Team Minato I assume?" I said, my pink eyes flashing with malice. Keep reading #dont yell at me i was just rushing bc i wanted to write while i still had the drive #KakaRin #KakaRin Fanfiction #KakaRin FF #Kakashi x Rin #Rin x Kakashi #Naruto #Naruto Fanfiction #Naruto FF #with a slight hint of SasuSaku lmfa0 # Naruto Kakashi Anime Naruto Gaara Naruto Chibi Naruto Shippudden Naruto Cute Naruto Fan Art Naruto Wallpaper Wallpaper Naruto Shippuden Big Bro [Naruto Fanfic] Completed - Chapter 14: Ramen Time! Read Chapter 14: Ramen Time! from the story Big Bro [Naruto Fanfic] Completed by Katsumski with 5,597 reads. ” Sakura said. It was basically the same thing every time the team got together. I was called a prodigy for a reason. Someone walks toward their booth, standing next to them. Genderswap, Female Kakashi. Rin asked, "He took care of the nin that hurt Kakashi and he has already told Obito several  14 Oct 2015 "I know," Minato agreed, glancing towards the area that Kakashi's home lay, " Alright. Edit: lmao as the li Any Naruto fanfiction with the main plot orientating around female same sex couples. Jun 8, 2017 - Hatake Kakashi || Nohara Rin || Uchiha Obito || Team Minato || Naruto Apr 29, 2020 - Explore Aoiara99's board "Naruto" on Pinterest. M so happy that minato got chosen to be kakashi's teacher. He is a genin-level shinobi from Konohagakure, and a part of Team Kakashi. 33 Shares. Rated M. " Kakashi nods and takes the scroll with an eye-smile to his students. Vulnerability. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Hurt/Comfort/Angst - Kakashi H. naruto really is a jerk here. Then Obito was tied to a log while Kakashi and Rin each got a bento. Ontdek (en bewaar!) je eigen pins op Pinterest. A Naruto Fan-fiction: A Team Minato Story Fanfiction. It was like a picture-book of memories ingrained in his soul. Besides, he had other means to find out the truth, and this time, with one team-mate injured, he would have no S-rank missions that took priority for at least a week. The blonde was just relieved that his students were starting to get along for more than ten minutes. My first fanfic! Team Minato, consisted of Minato Namikaze, Kakashi Hatake, Obito Uchiha and Rin Nohara. Gen. Minato began by arranging for Kakashi to watch Naruto. Minato handed out the bells. "Yes, Obito, Rin, you, Kakashi, and me. you should have written a longer story. The Hokage had ordered me onto a team because he thought I needed to know what it was like to be on a team. But Minato didn't know whether to just be relieved that this wasn't the worst Kakashi had ever been hurt, or sad that a seven-year-old had had worse than broken bones, abdominal lacerations, severe bruising, and a windpipe that had just survived being crushed. I look around. "I don't want to be your apprentice. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works 1 day ago · History: His mom was killed by orochimaru coming to get hi but kakashi came in time to rescue him but not able to rescue his mother. All I can say is “wow”! This game is amazing! There are so many options! You can change just about 22-jul-2016 - Minato, Obito, Kakashi, Rin More. "Sick?" Tsunade frowned, kneeling by their sides, chakra glowing at her fingers. 67 notes. A maternal relative of the Uzumaki clan, Naruto is the jinchuriki of the Yang Naruto ' Fanfic ~ Kakashi Gaïden Rin95. It is notorious among the gods for being exceptionally difficult to master, even for them. kakashi, konoha, family. " Kakashi scoots to the side “Kakashi. It follows the adventures of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki, Naruto's future parents. , Jiraiya, Rin, Minato N. What happens when the new girl is forced to live with Kakashi, train wit Read Minato look alike? from the story The Duo Team (Naruto fanfiction) by sillyhatter (Kyou) with 15,088 reads. After that was done, and Naruto was with Kakashi, Minato went to talk to Fugaku. net by sdlee1 than i would Autonomous Ultra Instinct (身 み 勝 がっ 手 て の 極 ごく 意 い, Migatte no Goku'i, lit. org so i read a really good obito fanfic on fanfiction. Kakashi was too busy trying to get free to react to his father's statement, but it did hurt. *Kakashi then noticed that Naruto had a cut on his hand. One cold night, Kakashi took the first night shift, and ended up taking all night watch. Naruto has had many friends, enemies, and Team minato x reader - New team Read New team from the story Team minato x reader by darktech_ (Dark Tech) with 18,517 reads. MxM Productions Nov 03, 2018 · the first day minato becomes hokage and kakashi joins anbu. My Copyright  29 May 2016 Naruto Restored Kakashi's Eye With Ashura's Power, Naruto Got Healing Naruto 2nd Man After Minato Who Can Avoid Raikage's Punch,  17 Mar 2018 Naruto Transforms Into A Sasuke To Kiss Sakura, Kakashi Was Naruto Comes Back To Life in The Most Emotional Scene Team 7 Bond! Minato And Naruto Meld Their Halves Of Kurama's Chakra,Tobirama Senju Roasts  14 Jan 2018 Sasuke Almost Kills Sarada - Team 7 vs. The fanfic will delve into the Aburame clan politics, clan customs, the set up of arranged marriages in the narutoverse, and all around just give Shino a good romance story. Kakashi slammed into the wall and fell onto the floor. This is part of the naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm revolution Kakashi Hatake (はたけカカシ, Hatake Kakashi) is a shinobi of Konohagakure's Hatake clan. Kakairu Fanfic - I’ll Call Your Name. Afterwards they went on a mission where they nearly died, but at no point really worked as a cohesive three nin team. Kakashi Fanfiction. I remember that it started with Kakashi dumping team seven into the Forest of Death for like a week and then moving them into a training ground without water? Or something like that 1 day ago · History: His mom was killed by orochimaru coming to get hi but kakashi came in time to rescue him but not able to rescue his mother. " Minato winced. Team 7 goes back in time and find themselves to be kids! Kakashi may be old, but he isn’t inept, “Naruto, you know each eye has different abilities. Angst and humor abound. Please remember that despite my best efforts, this list is nothing more than a documentation of my personal preferences and the ranking of particular fics, either within their genre or between the Gold and Silver lists, really means less than nothing. Romance/Angst. After proving himself an accomplished and responsible ninja, Minato was placed in charge of his own team, consisting of Rin Nohara, Obito Uchiha, and Kakashi Hatake. 132 views. That is, until something threatens to rip it all away. Physically and emotionally for Kakashi who stood there upon the pile of rocks that were currently killing his best friend. Team Minato is on an assassination mission. Fanfiction where Kakashi actually teaches team 7 Fic Request For a while now I've been searching for fanfiction where Kakashi is actually decent at teaching, (as much as I love him he's just not a good teacher in canon!) but I haven't been able to find any well-written ones! I know that it is surely by facility by the author but I'm frustrated that there are so many potentials and who can't use it -_-' I also take the opportunity to ask for some fanfiction on kakashi when he is young (with team minato ) fanfiction centered on kakashi;) Kakashi must adapt to life as a missing-nin, but faced with the might of his own village, things aren't going to be easy. It tells the story of Mesuji Natsumi, former US Staff Sergeant and current kunoichi of Konoha. “I have a feeling this girl is going to annoy me. ----- "You do know I was his favorite student, right?" Kakashi mentioned casually as he sat Luffy Almost Dies Fanfiction 2 days ago · Kakashi waves his hand. It starts as Minato and some of his classmates watch as the refugees from Whirlpool Country arrive in the Leaf Village. Obito was a minimum of 15-20 minutes late, Kakashi would complain about it a minimum of 5-6 times, and Rin would be there to try to calm him down each and every time. , Minato N. ” Minato’s voice had a strange, choked quality to it. He acts up because he wants attention but, more importantly, he just wanted to be loved, as he it’s enough. Pairing: Naruto x Sasuke. 23 hours ago · Today was a day off from the Academy, and Kushina, Minato and Kakashi were all home. 45,800 words. Kidfic. He really did hurt his feelings. TimeTravel Team7 Hatake Kakashi is a ninja, and in the time honoured tradition of his people he bargains with Fate. Cool and Unusual Punishment: Kakashi made a bet against Gai regarding which team makes it further in the Chunin Exams (the loser has to publicily admit that the winner is the better sensei). Sakumo walked over and started pounding his head into the floor. Search. Chidori, his trusty technique, which is now complete thanks to Obito… The two gasped at the room, but Rin turned serious when she saw Kakashi's injuries. Jul 17, 2016 - Pixiv Id 5201855, NARUTO, Uzumaki Naruto, Uzumaki Kushina, Namikaze Minato, Mother And Son Kakashi Hatake (はたけ カカシ, Hatake Kakashi) is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto. The team later participated in a Chūnin Exams held in Konoha, but only Kakashi was successfully promoted to chūnin at that time. you were sure you turned the hot water on…or did you? you don’t know, you don’t remember. warnings: angst? everything is so, so, so cold. it seems that we have to sadly farewell a remarkable author of the Naruto fanfiction community. ,  11 Mar 2014 It hurt. The Uchiha Clan were in mourning over Obito, heck Team Minato was as well. FemKakashi. God i live this fanfic so much! Thank u so much for updating. "Here you go. Team 7 goes back in time and find themselves to be kids! Another wonderful chapter. 2 days ago · Kakashi waves his hand. It's Konoha's infamous Fountain of Youth, which turns Team 7 into two year olds. Dec 23, 2017 - Team Minato, Team Kakashi, and Team Konohamaru Stay safe and healthy. In the anime, the Third Hokage gave Minato the special task of helping Kakashi overcome the bitterness caused by his father 's death and remind him of the human element of being a Fanfic: “Inimigo Íntimo naruto hatake kakashi uchiha obito nohara rin obito kakashi rin team minato kakaobi obikaka obirin. *Ariety's POV*I woke up to a bunch of muffled talking. Pin 6. Doomed New Clothes : Any new outfit that Kurama wears ends up as rags by the time Kurama is through with it. Tags: Getting Together, Hurt/Comfort, Pining, Youkai, Tengu, Kuebiko, Alternate Universe - Soulmates, Urban Legends. Description : Une fanfic retraçant l'histore du trio Kakashi, Obito et Rin Dites-moi ce que vous en pensez au plus vite!!!!! Team minato x reader - New team Read New team from the story Team minato x reader by darktech_ (Dark Tech) with 18,517 reads. Lots and Lots of pics of kid Kakashi, ANBU Kakashi, chibi Kakashi, Kakashi and Obito, and Kakashi and Team Minato. Team Minato would go on many missions during its career, but Kakashi's Zabuza does indeed attack, and Kakashi is badly injured by Zabuza's  It is also to be noted that, Kakashi has a hard time connecting to someone him from the Anbu and assigned him with various teams as tests, as shown in the as they were keeping the fact that he was Minato's son a secret, probably for his . Originally posted by uchihaism _____ Pairing: Kakashi x Reader Summary: You and Kakashi are on a mission when you get poisoned, and the usually calm ninja gets worried about you. He's attacked by rogue ninja, and injures his leg, but tries to hide it. 11 hours ago · Kakashi and minato face off with the masked man, minato "why attack the leaf" masked man "im the ruler of the World" Kakashi,"ugh. I turn to the noise and noticed kushina. A Jan 30, 2014 · Ameyuri Ringo. "Everyone, get some rest," Minato said. " "Wow. Now  10 Sep 2015 A story of an earlier mission for Team Minato. Sage Mode is an empowered state that can be entered by blending natural energy with one's chakra, creating senjutsu chakra. "Don't you want dolls instead?" She looked at him in disdain. "talking"thinkingKurama talkin Nov 30, 2014 · His world shook as the sound grew louder and louder, and around him, Obito, Naruto, Gai, and Bee all looked like they were screaming at each other, but Kakashi couldn't hear any of them. Kakashi tries to shut them out and pull them closer at the same time, and he swears he will keep his promise this time around. 2 days ago · "You turned 35 in February, right?" Rin thinks back. Complete, oneshot. and kinda explain how come hinata loves kiba all of a sudden, when she was always madly in love with naruto. net, there was no way I could   18 Feb 2012 Pairing: Minato/Kakashi, a little Minato/Kushina (for now) None of them missed the irony that even the best ANBU squad in Konoha had to resign “I did what I must to support you,” Kakashi muttered, slightly hurt. 14/dez/2017 - Read Chapter 132 ~ Are You Ready from the story Breaking Faith | Hatake Kakashi by emsd01 (E. He could see the squad of ANBU standing perfectly still like statues,  missing nin kakashi · Former - Freeform · Hokage Minato · Team Minato-centric · Team as Family · Fluff · Friendship · Team Bonding · Team Fluff · Feels · Hurt/  6 Jul 2016 Summary: Genma and Kakashi are in the mist of battle before they are struck and are sent hurtleing into the past. A while ago I came across this list, which inspired me to make my own. No Archive Warnings Apply. "Yeah. Oct 13, 2017 · The mission to take Minato's bell, Kakashi's test made it impossible for everyone to pass - Duration: Thunder [A Team Minato AMV] - Duration: 3:01. Naruto Online is one of the most popular MMORPG Games in the world! Naruto Game Online is officially authorized by Bandai Namco,play as a Shinobi in the Naruto-themed mmorpg game! Sep 27, 2016 · Naruto X Kiyomi Uchiha Fanfiction Team Minato (Naruto) - Works | Archive of Our Own. AU. Meet team Minato, consisting of Minato Namikaze before he was the fourth Hokage, young Hatake Kakashi, youn Dai-nana-han | Team 7 & Hatake Kakashi (289) Haruno Sakura & Uchiha Sasuke & Uzumaki Naruto (77) Uchiha Sasuke/Uzumaki Naruto (42) Haruno Sakura/Uchiha Sasuke (31) Haruno Sakura & Hatake Kakashi (27) Hatake Kakashi & Uzumaki Naruto (27) Uchiha Sasuke & Uzumaki Naruto (26) Haruno Sakura & Uzumaki Naruto (25) Hyuuga Hinata/Uzumaki Naruto (17) When team Minato gains a new teammate, not everyone is happy. Aug 02, 2015 · Title: Melting Snow. Sage Mode allows users to tap into the natural force of the world, opening up new techniques to them and allowing them to power up existing ones with the new senjutsu chakra. " Minato stayed silent, observing the scene before him. Jan 25, 2018 · Later on kushina tells minato that she wants naruto to be like obito and the anime scene moves on to naruto fighting obito . Kakashi remembered this day clearly, the last day he spent with his teammates. " Kakashi said, before he started to walk away heading towards the other. ^= Naruto grinned before wiggling out of her grasp and falling to the ground, landing on his feet as he sprinted towards Kakashi and jumped into the air, wanting to land on the grey-haired shinobi, only for Kakashi to expertly dodge the child. Stay safe and healthy. Divide and Conquer: Tetsu 's distraction of Kakashi was meant to ensure his genin team would defeat Team 7 so they can steal their coveted bloodlines, or at least Sasuke's Sharingan. but all you can think of is the fatigue. D) with 2,923 reads. It had taken them far from Konoha, so they were camping for the night before getting back home. Hatake Kakashi & Nohara Rin; Team Minato (Naruto) Hatake Kakashi; Nohara Rin; Uchiha Obito; Namikaze Minato; Drabble; Summary. May 29, 2014 - Explore KuroOkamiAMVs's board "Kushina x Minato", followed by 208 people on Pinterest. Hatake Kakashi/Uchiha Obito. Such a move is something that gives them more character and originality. Naruto Kakashi Anime Naruto Naruto Shippuden Sasunaru Naruto Team 7 Naruto Cute Naruto Fan Art Gaara Manga Anime The Wish of a Wandering Soul - What Do You Think Read What Do You Think from the story The Wish of a Wandering Soul by notagoodwriter_14 with 5,681 reads. I remember that it started with Kakashi dumping team seven into the Forest of Death for like a week and then moving them into a training ground without water? Or something like that Team Minato was a team led by Minato Namikaze and composed of Kakashi Hatake, Obito Uchiha, and Rin Nohara. Fair Use. More importantly, though, Minato wanted to give Kakashi a break from his usual ANBU missions. Suddenly memories of the old days came back into his memory. “Sensei,” he breathed that word against warm skin, savouring its taste like he had never allowed himself before. Not that i dont like kushina, but minato is too good to be left out. (Or: Team Minato worries about their loneliest team member, especially when he starts acting nice to Obito and looks at Rin and Minato like they're ghosts. I've read a lot of really cool fanfiction where they have a bond and then team 7 forms and it's like the best. Reblog. In the anime, Minato gave his students the bell test after the team's formation in order to test their abilities. I wasn't sure if there would be anymore of this fantastic story. Fair-Weather Mentor: Dammit, Kakashi and Jiraiya; you’re spitting all over Minato’s sacrifice! False Friend: Naruto’s view on Team 7; Flanderization: Kakashi, Sasuke, and Sakura can be seen as this. See more ideas about Minato, Minato kushina, Naruto. ” The blonde snorts. everything feels like a burden, making everything worse by the second. Kakashi doesn't like the new girl. Reminiscing On the life he use Resurrected Comrade -Adopted- Kakashi gets badly injured in the battle against Madara Uchiha and Minato helps him getting better Hello, looking for one of those "Kakashi is a real sensei" fics. For iPhone, iPod, Android, Web OS, Blackberry and Opera Mini. Hokage naruto meets minato fanfiction During the team's lunch break, the team could feel fewer eyes on them, which made Kakashi relax a little, but Minato could still tell that the silver-haired nin was still on full alert. BEEP. Before Naruto ever met Kakashi, he was the dead-last failure of his class, hopelessly behind even Sakura in most aspects, and lacki Dec 06, 2013 · Mirror into the Future Chapter 3. In which a harebrained scheme to teleport Ichiraku's ramen to the front lines of the Third Shinobi war results Team Minato Kushina and Jiraiya time traveling to intervene in a certain jaded ANBU captain's life. In the story, Kakashi is the teacher of Team 7, consisting of the series' primary characters, Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno. It is a AU set after the Wave Arc where Kakashi takes Team 7 to a rest stop after running out of water through a shortcut, realizing too late it was the spring he was told to never go to. Luckily, none of them had been seriously injured. Disappeared Dad: Minato, for his son Naruto. So without any more delay let's jump straight into Coffee’s Gold Standard of the Naruto Fandom. ” Naruto said, shocking everyone as he stepped foot into the room. Me, Kakashi, Rin and Minato were invited to the funeral of Obito, and since we didn't have the body, we had no hope of an actual burial ceremony, but we did have Obito's prized possession, his orange tinted goggles. "Seriously It wasn't good when Obito got onto the same team as Kakashi, but now you're their Jounin leader" Aizen slipped past Minato, heading towards his own bedroom 2 days ago · Kakashi waves his hand. At one point, they were confronted by a generation of Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, only to be saved by Might Duy. Archiveofourown. Circle/ artist: Imabboy. Naruto loathes his family fanfiction. Rated: General. See more ideas about Team 7, Naruto teams and Anime naruto. A few days later, we arrived back in Konoha, and I wasn't in a happy mood. Sakumo through Kakashi against the wall on the opposite side of the room. "Move," the kunoichi ordered as Minato stepped back and she began her medical jutsu, "He's got internal bleeding, broken ribs, severe bruising, looks like a broken arm, and a pretty serious concussion. It is available at both FF. Temukan (dan simpan!) pin Anda sendiri di Pinterest. Kakashi looked up to the sky. The enemy were currently surrounding them and Kakashi calculated he had enough chakra to take them out but not if their back up comes along. See more ideas about Naruto, Anime naruto, Naruto uzumaki. Language: English. SnapDragon - false sourires Journey with Kakashi from the apprenticeship to the Fourth Hokage to leading a gennin team. this is note to tobi wants a cookie if you want me remove this story just give me pm on fanfiction. "Sensei, he's gross, don't let him touch me," Kakashi said in a serious tone. All I can say is “wow”! This game is amazing! There are so many options! You can change just about May 23, 2016 · With the Naruto manga ending recently, it seems like a good time to reflect upon the vast cast of characters that have entertained fans for 15 years. We were all a team 7 or Team Minato and now here we all", I said he nodded a sad smile still on his Minato noticed his tone lower as he neared the last name, but the name was left unsaid. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works 1 day ago · Team Badass (A Naruto Fanfiction) Fanfiction. " Kushina-san what happened" I'm trying to find some fanfiction that before graduation or team 7 or maybe just in general Naruto trains with Kakashi. After a fuinjutsu experiment gone wrong, Minato is yanked into a future where his family is dead, his team fell apart and the Uchiha were slaughtered. " Kakashi scoots to the side Hinata90 im naruhina hardcore but i still agree with mrsnara here :D. 2 Kokuangyo no Jutsu (Bringer-of-Darkness Technique) 2. 7/28 c20 Sweetkiller1010 I do think that Kushina was in fact from the main family line because she was referred to as the Uzumaki Princess though I 4-dec-2017 - Deze pin is ontdekt door Samatar Geesaale. Naruto ' Fanfic ~ Kakashi Gaïden Rin95. “You just killed someone, Kakashi. T for language. Tear Up the Sun (Like It’s Made of Tissue Paper) by Childish_paw (AU; Premise: Kakashi and Tenzō’s Disappearance; Genre: General; Characters: Yugao Uzuki, Kakashi Hatake, Yamato Tenzō, Team 7, Team Ro; Chapters: 4: Status: In-Progress) Especially on Minato Namikaze and his former student Kakashi Hatake. Team Minato (Naruto) Romance. # jkhfsjhdjfh # minato's right and he should say it # minato namikaze # naruto uzumaki # uzumaki family # kakashi hatake # naruto series # fanart kokodrawings : When you can’t wear an hitai-ate because you’re not a shinobi but it’s alright because you can wear the Hokage robes (which are way better) instead. With the defective seal burning in his palm, Minato struggles to stay afloat in a Konoha that isn't his. sarakauf 3,853,990 views. Their team took part in the Chūnin Exams; during the second round, they confronted a team consisting of Hayate Gekkō, Ibiki Morino, and Tokara. Ameyuri Ringo was a ninja from Kirigakure and one of the parts of the past era of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. Jul 13, 2016 - Minato, Kushina, Kakashi, young, childhood, funny, text, comic; Naruto Stay safe and healthy. By u/coffee-mugger on Reddit. Don't own Naruto =^. " minato "what is it, Kakashi?" Kakashi with both eyes open "OBITO" minato "what are you talking about, kakashi" masked man "hm Hm heh her HA HA HA, that name, brings back memories. Two-and-a-half years after Sasuke Uchiha left the village, Kakashi filled out paperwork to form Team Kakashi, with his former pupils Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno now being treated as equals alongside their teacher. “And I am Hokage. During the Team Minato time line. Mar 21, 2018 · A Team Minato time-travel fic but instead of catching Future Kakashi in some sadness or Hokage business they find him running around in a field of flowers with a toddler Sarada who calls him ‘Grandpa Kakashi’ and when Minato speaks to him he’s super proud that Kakashi’s so happy now but also wildly concerned that his Kakashi would have Poor Kakashi doesn't understand why his new team of genin suddenly have a large disliking for his favourite Hokage, and Itachi isn't having fun figuring out what's wrong with his dear baby brother. "Secret of selfishness") is a very rare and highly advanced mental state. My golden hair fell to the right side as I stared at them. Really How lucky and unlucky at the same time. team minato fanfiction kakashi hurt

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